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Video:How to Grow Out a Men's Buzz Cut Evenly

with Milo De Prieto

Tired of your shaved head? When you're ready to grow out your buzz cut, watch this men's grooming video from for some great tips on the process.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Grow Out a Men's Buzz Cut Evenly

Hello I'm Milo for and I'm Axel Guerfal of Axel Harrira Salon in Barcelona, Spain. And today we're talking about how to grow out a buzz cut. 

Growing Out Your Buzz Cut

If you've had enough of your buzz cut, to grow it out is relatively simple. The first thing you do is talk to your stylist about what your goals are for your hair. That way they can help you make it happen.

Stage 1: Trim Hair to Keep it Growing Evenly

What will happen at first is that some hair might grow faster than others, so at stage one you might let your stylist go over your head with clippers just to keep the look clean. You will probably be in this stage for a couple weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.

Stage 2: Give Your Hair Shape

As your hair grows you will want to start giving it shape. Discuss with your stylist where you want the hair to grow longer and where you might keep it cut. A full head of thick hair can look good with a little length all over. It also depends on how the hair lies, curly, wavy, or straight. Most people might want to cut it close on the sides and back to give it a more dynamic and clean look.

Stage 3: Choose a New Hair Style

As your hair gets really long you simply have to target the look you want. Again talk to your stylist and get a good sense of what you want to shoot for based on what's in style, what your hair can do, and what looks good with the shape of your face. Everyone's hair grows at different speeds, but it is not a bad idea to try a few styles as your hair grows out, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised with a new look that really works for you.

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