How to Get a Short Cut for Men with Curly Hair Video
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Video:How to Get a Short Cut for Men with Curly Hair

with Lincoln Snyder

Curly hair requires more finesse and understanding than straight hair. In this men's grooming video from, learn how to create a short curly haircut for men.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Get a Short Cut for Men with Curly Hair

Hello, I'm Lincoln Snyder from Epicenter in Portland, Oregon and I'm here for This is how you get a short curly haircut for men.

Understanding Men's Curly Hair

You want to start wit the hair freshly washed towel dried and with a little leave in conditioner because curly hair is much dryer than straight hair so you want to keep it moisturized.

How to Cut Men's Curly Hair

Start by sectioning the top away from the sides and back. Curly hair is hard to control so you want to make sure its pinned down securely. Start at the bottom with scissor over combing. This is going to be a smooth tapered hair cut so you want it to be pretty short. It's a good idea when you are doing scissor over comb to use a comb that contrasts with the persons hair color. So unclip the top use a finer toothcomb, establish your length.

So keeping it longer on the top because if I cut it shorter there wouldn't be curls. So I'm keeping length so curls will be in tact. Ok so now to finish the edges you want to take the t-edges and your tapered comb, sometimes the curls stick out and you cant get them as many times as you try. So you want to just go on the outside of the curl ever so lightly and cut it off.

Styling Men's Curly Short Hair

Ok to style you want to get excess hair out of the way. Use a curl enhancing cream for the curls. So here is a short haircut for men with curly hair.

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