How to Get a Sexy, Shaggy Haircut for Men Video
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Video:How to Get a Sexy, Shaggy Haircut for Men

with Cynthia Skabar

Getting a great shaggy, sexy haircut isn't hard for a man. This video from will teach you how to get just such a hairstyle.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Get a Sexy, Shaggy Haircut for Men

Hi, I'm Cynthia Skabar with Future Hair in Vancouver, BC, for In this video you will learn how to get a sexy, shaggy haircut for men.

Before starting, make sure the hair is damp. Use a spray bottle to get the right amount of moisture. The hair needs to be damp but not soaked.

Cut Hair Underneath

With the cut, you want to make sure that the underneath, which is just below temples, is texturized to remove some bulk without adjusting the length dramatically. Most often creating a shaggy look is all about re-directing the weight of the hair from one area to another. This gives the hair more mobility and flexibility. 

Considerations for Shaggy Haircut

Decide where to part the hair. A part that is slightly more to one side ensures that you are not covering the eyes or too much of the face. 

Consider the length in the nape area and sides to make sure the overall look has a balance and texture. The sexy, shaggy cut will maintain its form for 4-6 weeks.

Rough Up Outer Layer of Hair

The heart of this look is 'shaggy.' So the key is to avoid over-styling! Right after washing, use a towel to "rough up" the cuticle, or "outer layer" of the hair which would otherwise be down and smooth like a fishes scales. When the cuticle is rough, it creates extra texture. Avoid washing your hair with shampoo every day but when you do - opt for a volumizing shampoo. This too will rough the cuticle. To get the most out of the cut, you'll want to incorporate some product into your routine. 

Using Beach Spray to Give Hair Texture

Apply a product like a "beach spray" or "texture spray" while the hair is still damp and let it dry naturally.

If you have a trouble spot or an area in the front that has the tendency to stick out --- use a comb or a brush to guide the hair while blow drying on low heat.

Use Pomade After Blowdrying

If you use a blow dryer or other hot tools on this cut, you may want to finish with a light pomade. There is not much hold required in this free style. Therefore, a pomade rather than a gel or hairspray works best. It will smooth the cuticle layer back down and encourage some shine.

To optimally maintain the look, see your stylist for a haircut every 4 to 6 weeks. All in all, the sexy, shaggy haircut is low-maintenance and fabulous!

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