How to Get Side-Swept Bangs for Men Video
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Video:How to Get Side-Swept Bangs for Men

with Lincoln Snyder

Side swept bangs are great for framing your face and keeping a fresh look. In this men's grooming video from, learn how to style and cut side swept bangs for men.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Get Side-Swept Bangs for Men

Hello, I'm Lincoln Snyder from Epicenter in Portland, Oregon and I'm here for This is how you get side swept bangs for men.

Preparing Hair to Cut Side Swept Bangs for Men

So the tools you'll need for this haircut are regular shears thinning shears a feather razor and some t-edge clippers and various combs. So you want to start out with clean towel dried hair so the hair doesn't stick together from products.

How to Trim Up Men's Hair

Start out by putting a cutting solution on the hair so it keeps the moisture content throughout the cut. Comb the product through. Find where the round of the head is and part. Clip the hair to keep it controlled. Start by taking vertical sections. Use your feather razor and cut notches in the hair. It's very important to move around the head as you move with sections so you are standing in front of each section as you are doing it. The reason I'm cutting the Vs in the hair is so that the hair supports itself and gives itself some fullness and lets texture out naturally. Making sure the angle isn't too sharp on this. Make sure it is parallel when you cut.

How to Cut Side Swept Bangs

Unclip the top section. We want to keep most of this length up here starting about a third of the way down cut Vs to your finger from bottom to top. Now you have a guideline to blend the top and sides. Comb your section to one side. T-off that section. Comb your hair out at a 90-degree angle start from where you cut before and do the other section in the same manner.

I'm giving his haircut versatility so he can wear his hair on either side. Wear it back wear it forward however he would like. To style you're going to want a dry styling paste, emulsify, put through hair evenly. So for side swept bangs start at the swirl, blow the hair forward keeping the swirl down, keep moving it in that direction moving wit the air of the hair dryer. Make sure your edges are nice and clean. There's the side swept bangs.

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