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Video:How to Get David Beckham's Easy Hairstyle

with Lincoln Snyder

David Beckham's got a lot on his plate, so an easy hairstyle is a lifestyle must. Want this sexy, no-fuss cut yourself? In this video from, learn how to cut and style David Beckham's easy hair cut.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Get David Beckham's Easy Hairstyle

Hello, I'm Lincoln Snyder from Epicenter in Portland, Oregon and I'm here for Today I'm going to show you how to get David Beckham's easy hair style.

How to Start a David Beckham Haircut

The tools you'll need are regular shears, thinning shears, a feather razor, some t edge clippers and various combs.

You want to start out with clean towel-dried washed hair, and I put some cutting solution on before to keep the hair evenly wet during the cut. You want to find the round of the head and part there. Section the front, top from the bottom. I typically like to start right behind the ear working up with scissor over comb making sure your scissors and your comb move at the same rate of speed. You want to gradually build weight from the bottom to the top so just do the right side of the head just like you did the left.

How to Cut the Top in a David Beckham Haircut

Make sure the top isn't dried out by misting a little water on it. This haircut is going to be longer in the front and tapered down in the back and blended in with the short length. So you have a Mohawk section that's about a half inch down the middle. And we are going to create a guideline with our feather razor. So start at your longest point, determine how long you want this point in the front first. Measure then cut. Make sure that its going to go back in a smooth angle from front to back. Basically you want to follow the same angle on sides from the front. How I'm actually doing this is I pull up the section and with the blade I push it in between my fingers and push it through. Once again hold up section, push between fingers and cut through it.

Now I'm going to go through it with the shears and connect the top section to the side and back. Starting in the middle, 90-degree angle, you can see where the bottom and top sections end. Just cut that off and blend. So now we want to go through and tighten edges with thin comb and trimmers.

So this time I'm using alittle bit of a thicker paste on his hair. Starting where the hair is longest, apply to ends and work through. So, this is how you do Bavid Beckham hair.

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