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Video:Tips for Exercising During Menopause

with Dr. Amy Rosenman

Regular exercise is a great way to combat the more difficult parts of menopause. This video from will show you the best ways to exercise during menopause.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Exercising During Menopause

Hi, I am Dr. Amy Rosenman, a urogynecologist and menopause expert with, and today I am here on behalf of to share with you tips for exercise during menopause. 

Reasons to Exercise During Menopause

Although menopause does not cause weight gain, nor does estrogen treatment, there is still a tendency to gain weight as we age. There is also a trend toward bone loss. Also, the number one killer of women is heart disease. It kills 10 times as many women as does breast cancer.

So what do all these issues have in common? Prevention of all is accomplished with appropriate exercise. Exercise will help manage weight and fat distribution. It will help us manage blood sugar and insulin levels as well, which is very important in preventing liver and heart disease. Weight bearing exercise can reduce and prevent bone loss. Regular exercise will keep our joints healthier and prevent falls that are actually deadly as we become ever older. Exercise raises our mood, our sense of well-being, reduces pain and stress through the production of endorphins, which are natural opiates.

Types of Exercise

How much exercise? Daily for 30-60 minutes, if possible. "Weight bearing" means on your feet, bearing your weight while you exercise for bone loss prevention. Aerobic exercise at least every other day for 30 minutes where your heart rate and breathing is fast and you can speak, but you are breathing faster than at rest. This will build up your cardiac capacity and help lower pulse and blood pressure. This can be fast walking on a treadmill, bicycling or spinning, zumba dancing, jazzercise or any other fast-paced activity.

Resistance exercise which can be with low weights, rubber bands, or in water will increase muscle mass, increase flexibility and balance, and lead to general well-being. 

Intensity of Exercise

How intense should exercise be? Exercise need not be intense. It should be moderate and somewhat enjoyable. If you hate to sweat, consider aqua-aerobics.  They are available at most aquatic centers and recreational centers as well as the local YMCA. If you like the outdoors, hike and bicycle. If you are a loner, get some videos and go it alone in the privacy of your own home. If you like to dance, well you get it - jazzercise or zumba may be for you.

But there is something for everybody. Find it and your bones, heart, and joints, and mood will appreciate it. Thanks for watching and for more information, visit us online at

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