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Video:What Is an Addend?

with Bassem Saad

Learn what an addend is so that you can use this math concept to solve equations. Here is more information on addends.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is an Addend?

Hi, my name is Bassem Saad. I'm an associate math instructor and a Ph.D. candidate and I'm here today for to answer the question: what are addends?

An Addend Is a Term of Addition

So any term in an addition is called an addend. For example, three plus two equals five: only three and two are addends; five is the resulting sum. Three plus two equals five; three and two are addends.

Addends From an Algebraic Perspective

From an algebraic perspective, if we take three variables - a, b, and c - and we add each one of them together, each variable – a, b, and c are addends. If we take three variables - a, b, and c – each variable – a, b, and c are addends.

Use Addends to Solve Equations

So in this example, we can find the missing addend. That's three plus something equals five. So we take five, we take out three, and we find the missing addend: two. So now we know what addends are.

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