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Video:Tips for Teaching Adding Doubles to Children

with Bassem Saad

Learn great tips for teaching adding doubles to children so that they understand the concept as easily as possible.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Teaching Adding Doubles to Children

Hi, my name is Bassem Saad. I'm an associate math instructor and a Ph.D. candidate, and I'm here today for About.com to go over some teaching tips for adding doubles.

Teaching Adding Doubles to Children

Tip one: cut-outs. Cut out some fun shapes like crescent moons, stars, or even cookies, and have the kids count out the shapes to represent the doubles sums. For example, five, plus five. Your kids can count out five stars for the first addend, and count out another five stars for the second addend. Then they count all of these stars together to find out that the solution is ten. When the kids are ready, it's time to work on their memorization of doubles sums. The following tips help them do just that.

Additional Tips for Teaching Adding Doubles to Children

Tip 2: flashcards. On the front of the flashcards, you or the kids can write the doubles sum problem, and then on the reverse side, write the solution. After practicing with the flashcards enough times, the kids can then turn to each other and quiz each other.

Adding Doubles

Another fun and interactive way to memorize doubles is through sing-song. You can try to make up your own rhyming songs, or borrow some from your peers. Here's an example of some lyrics you can put to your own tune: Zero, plus zero, equals zero – keep on counting hero! One, plus one, equals two – for me and you. Two, plus two, equals four – and that's no bore! Three, plus three, equals six – hope that sticks. Four, plus four, equals eight – isn't that great? Five, plus five, equals ten – not again!

Final Tip for Adding Doubles

Tip four: you can make worksheets. Randomly place unfinished doubles sums for numbers zero through 12, and have the students use their newly-adopted skills to fill in the blanks. So those are some tips for teaching doubles.

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