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Video:Tips for Creating 2nd Grade Level Word Problems

with Scott Franchell

Learn how to create 2nd grade level word problems so that you can challenge your students appropriately. Here are tips for creating 2nd grade level word problems.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Creating 2nd Grade Level Word Problems

Hi, I'm Scott for, today I have a few tips for you on creating 2nd Grade level word problems from

Word problems are a fantastic way to teach children how the math they are learning in school applies to everyday practical situations. Word problems or story problems help children develop critical thinking skills.

Learn What 2nd Grade Level Math Is Before Creating Word Problems

Start by becoming familiar with the general concepts your child is learning in math. If they are working on addition or multiplication, focus on problems that use those specific skills. For an overview of these skills, go to:

Children in the 2nd grade should be able to use simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Third grade word problems should test these specific skills, grounding abstract math concepts in practical situations that second graders can relate to.

Relate 2nd Grade Level Word Problems to Real-Life Situations

Once you've decided the type of word problem you're going to create, relate the problem to a real-life situation. When creating story problems for second graders, use people, objects, places, or concepts that they are familiar with.

Sample 2nd Grade Level Word Problems

Here is a sample problem: Your 8 friends all have 2 wheeled bicycles, how many wheels is that altogether? 8 (friends have bikes) x 2 (wheels per bike) = 16 total wheels. Here is another sample word problem: "On Wednesday you saw 12 robins on one tree and 7 on another tree. How many robins did you see altogether?" 12 (robins on 1 tree) + 7 (robins on another tree) = 19 total robins.

Allow Students to Find Solutions to 2nd Grade Level Word Problems

Allow the students to devise their own strategies to find the solution. There is usually more than 1 way to solve math problems. Have the students justify their solutions. You can find word problem worksheets according to each grade on along with more practical problem solving tips.

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