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Video:Creative Ways to Teach Students How to Count

with Chris Davis

Teaching your child how to count, write and recognize numbers is important. Here are some creative ways to teach your young students how to count.See Transcript

Transcript:Creative Ways to Teach Students How to Count

Hi, I'm Chris Davis for You can help your children to learn about numbers and counting in many ways, here are some fun and creative ways.

Use Everyday Experiences to Teach Counting:

While setting the table, count the plates, cups, etc. Have your child help you set the table. This will teach 1-1 correspondence. 1 cup goes with 1 plate and 1 napkin. Count while walking up or down stairs. Play "I Spy" with your child and include numbers

Remember children need to hear and practice things a lot in order to learn them.

Play Counting Games:

Use wooden blocks and have your child build up the tower counting each one or count with your child. Then once you reach 10 knock the tower down or see how high you can build it without the tower falling. Play “Go Fish” using a normal deck of cards using the numbers 1-10 (take out jacks, queens, kings). Sing songs that have numbers in them, like "5 Little Ducks."

Introduce Numerals to Teach Counting:

Write numerals 1-10 on paper and children can trace, practice writing or copying the numbers. Make numeral cards for your child by writing 1-10 (or more if they are able) and let your child go on a scavenger hunt trying to find number of object that matches with number on card.

Read counting books and have your child practice counting the objects in the book and point to the number and word on the page.

Use Counting Activities:

"Muffin counting" - write the numerals 1-10 (or any sequence you want your child to learn) on the bottom of cupcake liners and put them in a muffin pan (you can also cut out circles out of paper and use them instead of cupcake liners). Have your child use objects to count into the muffin pan, placing the correct number of objects into each liner (3 buttons in the spot that is labeled 3).

Use Visual Objects to Teach Counting

If your child is just starting out recognizing numbers, you can also have numeral cards beside them so they can see, for instance- 3, Three, ***, with number, word, and symbol. You can use poker chips, buttons, beans, whatever objects you can find.

No matter what activity you are doing, remember to make counting fun and exciting and your child will be counting in no time! To learn more check us out on the web at Thanks for watching

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