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Video:Traditional 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

with Aubrey

The traditional 1st wedding anniversary gift is related to paper. Learn about some creative ways to include the paper theme into your 1st wedding anniversary gift.See Transcript

Transcript:Traditional 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Hi, I’m Aubrey for Today, I’m going to share a few traditional wedding anniversary gift ideas from

Paper Themed Gifts are Traditional for 1st Wedding Anniversaries

In the West, paper is traditionally given as a first wedding anniversary gift. This trend become popular in the early to mid 1900’s. Journal:A journal is a great choice for a traditional anniversary gift. There are a variety of styles to chose from. It is an elegant and simple way to encourage your spouse’s creativity and self-expression.

Stationary is another paper gift option. You can give your spouse either decorative or professional stationary, business cards, letterhead, or even note cards. Be sure your choice in stationary reflects your partner’s personal style or design sense.

A map can be a creative gift option. You can give your spouse a map for a road trip you plan on taking them on. You could also give them plane tickets for an anniversary getaway. Artwork:Artwork is a meaningful way to express your feelings and commemorate this phase in your relationship. Try to pick out something that reflects a shared aesthetic.

Photograph Books are Popular Gift Ideas

A photograph of the two of you as a couple or a picture frame is yet another way to commemorate this moment in time. It is a gift that will last a lifetime. Books are a wonderful way to encourage your spouse’s creativity and unique interests. Pick out a book that reflects their personality or encourages your mate to follow their dreams.

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