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Video:Tips for Confronting Problems in Your Marriage

with Rachel Sussman

Confronting problems in a marriage is no easy task. However, with a few basic skills in communicating with your spouse, problems in a marriage can addressed with positive results.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Confronting Problems in Your Marriage

Hi. I’m Rachel Sussman. I’m a Therapist and a Relationship Specialist and I’m here for I’m going to give you some tips for confronting problems in your marriage.

In Marriage, Pick Your Battles to Confront

All marriages go through ups and downs. It’s perfectly normal and it’s part of life. Couples who stay happily married understand some basic rules. When a problem comes up either let it slide or work towards creating a lasting solution. Most issues can be solved with good communication skills. What that means is pick your battles and pick your moments. Ask yourself, is this really something worth bringing up? And, if it’s not let it go and move on.

Practice How You Will Confront a Problem

If you decide something is worth bringing up, rehearse it first. Ask yourself what is it that I really want to say and how would I like this to play out? Remember to keep your cool and try to express yourself in a way that your partner is not going to be put immediately on the defensive.

Be Brief and Listen When Confronting Your Partner

Keep your statements short and please give your partner time to respond. After your partner’s responded, a really great trick, to keep the conversation flowing in the right direction, is to simply repeat back what they’ve said. This will make them feel heard and validated and that will keep the conversation moving.

Following these tips will create a collaborative model and you’ll get a lot of use out of them in your relationship and all areas of your life. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at

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