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Video:Television Couple Costume Ideas

with Cynthia Diaz

A costume party or Halloween party is a great chance for couples to coordinate their costumes. Have fun with these television character couple's costumes in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:Television Couple Costume Ideas

Hi guys, my name is Cynthia Diaz, I’m here at Abracadabra for and we’re going to show you some couples costumes based on TV shows.

Lucy and Ricky Couple Costume

One of the most iconic TV couples is Lucy and Ricky. So here for Lucy we have her little polka dotted dress and her apron from when she’s cooking him dinner. And for Ricky we decided to go for the mambo shirt and black pants for when he does his little babalu.

Mike and Carol Brady Costumes

I know plenty of people who wanted to grow up in the Brady Bunch so we put together Carol and Mike Brady. We have a really groovy dress for Carol. And for Mike, bell bottom suit with a flora shirt.

Gomez and Morticia Addam's Family Costumes

For the couple who likes to be a little bit creepier, we have from the Addam’s Family, Morticia Adams and Gomez.

Accessories for Couples Costumes

Now that we have an idea of what couples costumes you’ll want to pick, we can go check out the wigs and other accessories.

To top off your Lucile Ball costume you have Lucy’s iconic red hair. So Carol Brady was known for her short and modern hair cut and here we have the perfect wig to go with your Carol Brady outfit. We have Morticia’s really, really, really long black wig and of course, Gomez’s mustache.

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