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Video:Modern 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

with Aubrey

The modern 1st wedding anniversary gift is related to clocks. Learn about some creative ways to include the clock theme into your 1st wedding anniversary gift.See Transcript

Transcript:Modern 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Hi, I’m Aubrey for Today, I’m going to share a few modern wedding anniversary gift ideas from

Clock Themed Gifts are for Modern 1st Wedding Anniversaries

The traditional Western theme for first anniversary gift-giving is paper. The more modern first anniversary gift giving theme is a clock. The gift of a clock or time piece can be imbued meaning, whether it is the celebration of a lifelong commitment, the collection of memories over time, or a simple reminder of the timelessness of love.

A wall clock can be a simple, elegant first anniversary gift. Consider giving a wall clock as a reminder of your love for each other. An alarm clock can be a fun gift, especially if you find one that suits your spouse’s design sense, style, and personality. Before purchasing an alarm clock, be sure the gift won’t be interpreted as a critique of their punctuality or productivity. A personalized clock can be a great way to show your spouse that their interests matter to you. Consider giving a clock from their college or university, or one that reflects their personal interests. Decorative clocks could add some fun or style to your home.

Incorporate Clocks Creatively into the Gift

A watch is a gift that your spouse can bring with them wherever they go. Try to match the watch again with their personal sense of style. An athletic watch may be the perfect thing if your spouse is fond of working out. You may decide to go with something dressier or more elegant if your spouse enjoys dressing up. Smart phones are becoming more commonly used in place of clocks and timepieces. Another great gift option is to give your spouse a dock or other accessories for their smart phone so they can display it in a clock mode and play music.

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