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Video:How to Plan Your 60th Wedding Anniversary

with Meghan Lynn Allen

A 60th wedding anniversary is a major achievement and should be celebrated as one. Here are some ideas for planning and celebrating your 60th wedding anniversary.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Plan Your 60th Wedding Anniversary

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for About.com, and today we'll discuss how to plan your 60th wedding anniversary.

Give Diamonds for a 60th Wedding Anniversary

The 60th wedding anniversary is known as the diamond anniversary. It came into popularity after Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th anniversary with a diamond jubilee. So think diamonds - it's the traditional and the modern gift. It's the gemstone, the color, and the way to go when thinking about a gift for a 60th wedding anniversary. Diamond comes from the Greek word "adamis," which means unconquerable or enduring. So consider that when you're thinking about the significance of your diamond. It's not just about the color, the sparkle, the dazzle or the monetary significance. It's about 60 years together - and that is unconquerable and enduring. There are no particular flowers associated with the diamond anniversary, but diamond white is the traditional color. So think about white flowers when choosing something for your spouse.

Other Ways to Celebrate a 60th Wedding Anniversary

The 60th anniversary is time for remembrance, so you can also incorporate memory into your gift. Think about a digital photo frame which shows picture after picture of memories over the years, or a compilation of family films - things that you celebrated through a lifetime of 60 years. Put that together as a gift on this special day. These gifts could also be displayed at a party - perhaps family and friends could throw you a 60th anniversary party where they could have a showing of this film. If you as a couple are more low-key, think about just spending the day with family and friends and loved ones. A 60th anniversary is rare - not every marriage makes it to 60 years - so perhaps when celebrating, perhaps you want to show your family and friends that 60 years is something that can be accomplished, and something to be treasured.

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