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Video:How to Plan Your 40th Wedding Anniversary

with Meghan Lynn Allen

A 40th wedding anniversary is a big deal for a couple, but they might not know how best to celebrate such a milestone. Here's a video with ideas on planning a 40th wedding anniversary celebration.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Plan Your 40th Wedding Anniversary

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for About.com, and today we'll discuss how to plan your 40th wedding anniversary.

Traditional and Modern 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

40 years of marriage is something to celebrate, and in most cases, you've spent more time in life with your spouse than without. It's the ruby celebration. 40 years of marriage means red rubies. So the traditional or modern gift is that of a ruby. It's the color, too, so if you can't afford the gem ruby, think about incorporating that color into your gift. The reasons that rubies are the symbols for 40 years is that rubies are thought to have that eternal, inner flame that represents the passion that still lies in your marriage. Think about incorporating ruby into your gift, and if you like flowers, go with nasturtium - the classic gift for the 40th wedding anniversary.

Celebrating a 40th Wedding Anniversary

You may want to spend your special day in a one on one atmosphere. Take your spouse or your partner to their favorite restaurant, or to your favorite destination, perhaps visiting some of your favorite places like your honeymoon spot or where you first met, or where you went on a first date. If you're thinking on a larger scale, inviting family and friends, and having a party, you may want to go with the ruby theme. Beginning with the invitations, send out those ruby red invitations and when you get to the hall or the restaurant, bring those ruby red flowers, those red roses. Go ruby from head to toe. When planning a party, usually the family or friends do the work. But if you'd like to give your input, suggest that they might like to put together a family slideshow, including special moments such as the day of the wedding, the marriage, the birth of your children, or special moments that you may have captured on tape or video over the years.

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