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Video:How to Plan Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

with Meghan Lynn Allen

Your 10th wedding anniversary is one of the earlier major milestones in a marriage, but it's a major milestone nonetheless. Here's a video with some ideas for planning your 10th wedding anniversary.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Plan Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

Hi! This is Meghan Lynn Allen for About.com, and today we'll discuss how to plan your 10th wedding anniversary. You've made it through 10 years of marriage - it's time for celebration and reflection. Here are some simple tips to celebrate your anniversary.

Traditional and Modern 10th Anniversary Gifts

A traditional anniversary gift is something made from tin or aluminum. It may not sound so expensive to you now, but prior to 1850, tin and aluminum were more expensive than gold. When we give something in the traditional style of the gift, we're celebrating the value and the symbolism behind that gift. Think about a vase, a frame or a jewelry box made of tin or aluminum. The modern 10th anniversary gift is diamonds. Now, that's much more expensive than tin or aluminum, but it's so much more durable, which is perhaps why it's become the 10th anniversary favorite.

Other Ways to Celebrate Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

If you're looking for other 10th anniversary gift ideas, you can consider the blue sapphire as the acceptable gemstone in addition to diamonds. The colors for the 10th anniversary are silver or blue. Thinking flowers? Definitely go with daffodils. That trumpet-shaped flower symbolizes joy, cheerfulness and happiness, as well as the 10th wedding anniversary. And if you're trying to get a little more creative about your wedding anniversary, you might consider the number ten. It could be a day of tens. It could be spending ten hours together, or giving your spouse ten flowers. (Think daffodils.) Or perhaps you could plan a ten-day trip. You could surprise your partner or plan it together.

Remember that when you're celebrating ten years of marriage, you're celebrating the durability of a marriage. You made it through ten years, and just like tin or aluminum, your marriage may have been bent but it hasn't broken. Congratulations on still going strong. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at About.com.

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