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Video:Gift Suggestions for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

with Mary Piper

Not sure what to buy as a gift for a 25th wedding anniversary? Here, see helpful tips and ideas before you head to the store.See Transcript

Transcript:Gift Suggestions for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

Hello, I'm Mary Piper and for About.com today I'm going to give you gift suggestions for couples celebrating their 25 wedding anniversary.

Standard Gifts for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

Here's a look at some of the things you need to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary. The traditional and modern gifts are both silver. The gemstone is silver, tsavourite or green garnet and the flower is the iris.

More Ideas for Gifts for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

25 years – what an achievement and should be celebrated with family and friends. A good way to bring together this celebration is with a bottle of champagne to share around. Cards are precious memories to be kept and why not organise a party – you can even keep it a secret!

A nice gift would be to get a newspaper going back to the actual day, or make an announcement in the local paper. A small ring box is ideal to store the rings. You can give a silver pen, which can be engraved, or some green garnet jewellery. As a keepsake, why not get some champagne flutes that have a special message. Also, you could frame a favourite photograph in a silver frame. To embellish this gift further, why not wrap it in silver paper. Other silver gifts include paperweights, keyrings and jewellery.

The iris flower represents faith, hope and wisdom, so to give something a bit more memorable, why not choose a china plate with the iris pattern on it? I hope I have given you some gift ideas. For more suggestions, visit About.com
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