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Video:Causes of Low Female Libido

with Irina Firstein

A low female libido can be caused by many factors. Sex drive may diminish for medical reason or relationship problems. Learn about the causes of low female libido from leading couples therapist.See Transcript

Transcript:Causes of Low Female Libido

Hi. I’m Irina Firstein. I’m a couples therapist in New York City, and I’m here for I’m going to explain the causes of low female libido.

Women May Not Make Sex a Priority

The signs and symptoms of a woman who has a low libido is that, she wants to do anything before she has sex. Any reason to not sexually engage with her husband. Especially, when a couple has been together for a long period of time. When there are children, particularly, present. More and more attention goes into the kids, into the household. Sometimes, if there is a career, even more so. And, sex gets relegated to another chore.

Low Female Libido May be Medical

The first thing I look at is her sexual functioning. Is she orgasmic? I’m looking for sexual dysfunction. Inability to have an orgasm. Difficulties with lubrication, which leads to painful intercourse. Which leads to then avoidance of intercourse. In extreme cases there is a diagnosis called vaginismus where basically, there is an involuntary spasm of the vaginal muscles. Which makes intercourse impossible. Another major sexual dysfunction for women is lack of desire. Which is really, probably, the most prevalent one.There’s depression, there’s anxiety, there’s exhaustion. So, we have to look at that. And drug and alcohol abuse.

Problems in the Relationship Cause Low Female Libido

Relational causes of low sexual desire have to do with what’s going on in the relationship. Between a husband and wife and basically a lack of intimacy and a connection.You know, it’s probably a cliché scenario. But, women want their husbands to talk to them more and husbands want women to have more sex with them. There’s a connection in those two things. Women need to feel close and comfortable to be able to engage sexually. It’s a very common theme in my office.

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