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Video:6th-9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

with Jonathan Stewart

After 5 years of marriage, it can be difficult to think of anniversary gifts. Here are some great wedding anniversary gift suggestions for anniversaries 6, 7, 8 and 9.See Transcript

Transcript:6th-9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

As you begin to rack up those years of wedded bliss, each year may become more challenging in terms of picking that perfect anniversary gift to tell your other half just how much it means to be married.

Traditional and Modern 6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

It doesn't have to be that challenging if you start with the traditional and modern gifts associated with anniversaries six through nine. Traditional gifts for six involve candy or iron. Gift selections could include a box of chocolates or gift basket of sweet treats, a candy dish, or a candy cookbook. For iron gifts, a decorative weather vane or sundial is a nice decorative item.

Modern gifts include wood (the traditional gift for year 5), and some suggestions might include a carved wooden jewelry box or furniture. You might plant a tree together or have an iron sculpture commissioned.

How about a road trip to a local chocolate factory? Candy represents the sweetness in your marriage while iron symbolizes good luck and strength. Wood serves as a symbol of a solid relationship. Other gift ideas include a bouquet of Calla Lilies, the sixth anniversary flower or a beautiful piece of jewelry with an amethyst or turquoise gemstone.

Traditional and Modern 7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Next is anniversary number seven. Traditional gifts are wool or copper while modern gifts are desk sets. For traditional gifts ideas, there are many beautiful copper items that make nice gifts, such as a copper fountain, vase, or mirror or even copper jewelry. On the wool side, a beautiful sweater or scarf makes a thoughtful gift, especially if you live in colder areas.

The modern idea of a desk set works well for the small business owner or big chief because they include many practical tools like pens, letter openers, trays and clocks. You can even find specialized sets in leather, golf-themed, or mahogany. Copper has long been associated with prosperity and good luck, while wool symbolizes comfort, security, and warmth.

Be sure to include a special toast during an anniversary meal, telling your spouse just how lucky you were to find each other and why. Sharing each other's feelings is a gift that doesn’t require any money but means so much more.

Traditional and Modern 8th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Anniversary eight focuses on traditional gifts related to bronze or pottery while the modern gifts are linens or lace. Gift ideas include bronze frames, sculpture, chimes or bookends as well as pottery vases. Modern gifts of linen and lace often come in the form of house ware items like tablecloths or clothing like a shawl.

Bronze is made from a combination of copper and tin just like a marriage is made from two elements bonding together. Pottery begins as a lump of clay, and marriage is a thing that can formed into something just as beautiful as a relationship develops. You can take a bronze box and fill it with a note, potpourri, and a special piece of tourmaline jewelry. Or, you can do something fun together like take a pottery class.

Traditional and Modern 9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Then, there is anniversary number nine. Traditional gifts are pottery and willow while modern gifts are leather. A gift with willow takes a little creativity and may be more about creating an experience, as opposed to a material object. For example, you could have a picnic under a willow tree or have a professional photographer take a beautiful portrait of you next to a willow.

There are all kinds of things you can do with leather. There's a sexy leather jacket and cool leather jewelry for him or her, a chic handbag or high-quality briefcase, or leather luggage and passport case along with a surprise special trip somewhere as a second honeymoon adventure.

Whatever you choose -- whether it's traditional or modern or if it can be wrapped up with a bow or become an experience you share together -- be sure to add your own personal touch and customize it to your spouse's taste and interests. Remember, it's about celebrating your love, not breaking the bank.

I'm Jonathon Stewart, with About.com.
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