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Video:5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

with Jonathan Stewart

A 5th wedding anniversary deserves a special gift. Here are great modern and traditional gift suggestions for a 5th wedding anniversary.See Transcript

Transcript:5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Your fifth wedding anniversary is just around the corner and it's time to think of presents to exchange with each other for reaching a new milestone in your relationship.

Traditional 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

There are a number of traditional and modern gift ideas to suit every taste and interest. Traditional gifts are wood, representing a solid, strong relationship. If you're looking for gifts to purchase, a bonsai tree is a unique one that symbolizes luck and long-lasting happiness. It tells your spouse that you're in it for the duration.

Other ideas include a pine-scented candle, which provides a woodsy smell. This scent can also be captured with a gift of cologne or perfume. Other gift purchases might include wood furniture for a particular room in the house. However, it's best to know what fits your spouse’s taste prior to buying it. Hopefully by year five you've got at least an inkling.

Creative 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

You might also consider putting your creativity to work and potentially making your present. If you are adept at working with wood, you could make a sculpture or a totem. Or, if your spouse was hoping for some changes in the kitchen, perhaps even wood cabinetry might make for a thoughtful gift.

Modern 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

If wood isn't something that fits your personality, you might try a modern gift of silverware, which symbolizes connectedness. Since this is a broad category, there are many types of gifts you can consider, which may appeal to a particular interest.

For example, a cork screw is a great idea for the wine lover, and be sure to get a fantastic bottle of wine to pair with the corkscrew. Or, you might get silver ball markers for the golf nut. Of course, there is a wide range of table ware, such as platters, trays, coffee and tea pots, serving ware and bowls.

A particularly special memento of your fifth anniversary would be to gift your spouse with a silver dollar coin. You could be really sentimental and find one with the year that you were married.

Floral or Gemstone 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

There are other ways to remember your fifth anniversary as well, tying in the fifth anniversary gemstone of sapphire or pink tourmaline. Or, you could base your gift on the fifth anniversary colors of blue, turquoise or pink. Of course, flowers are also a nice addition to any anniversary gifting, and the fifth anniversary flower is the daisy, which represents loyal love.

Not every anniversary gift has to come in a box or gift bag. Gifting each other with experiences is also a special way to commemorate your love. For example, you could plant a tree together, symbolizing your marriage growing stronger year by year. Where appropriate, you might also build a bonfire on the beach or a fire while camping together to show that your love, fueled by wood, burns bright.

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