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Video:46th-49th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

with Jonathon E. Stewart

Anniversary gifts are difficult to come up with for nearly 50 years in a row, but we're here to help. Here are some ideas for anniversary gifts for your 46th through 49th wedding anniversaries.See Transcript

Transcript:46th-49th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

As the years pass by as a long-wedded couple, your list of anniversary gift ideas might be growing shorter. However, here are some ideas to keep the gifts coming from your forty-sixth to your forty-ninth anniversary celebrations.

46th Anniversary Gift Suggestions

For your forty-sixth anniversary, the modern gift is original poetry. While you may not be a poet – and you definitely know it – you might consider purchasing a book for your significant other. Or, if you tend to be a bit romantic, memorize a poem or two and recite them to your beloved over a romantic dinner, and she'll be swooning for you all over again. Pick something that means something to you both and have it printed up and framed to reflect upon each day. If you want to go big and you do like to write, publish your poem in a newspaper or on a billboard. You could even consider having someone set it to music for you. If you avoid poetry like the plague, other gift ideas are a scrapbook or memory book of your trips and time together so far, or a family tree document that traces the roots of both your families. You might also want to slip out for a meal and dancing or some other day trip that involves a hobby like golf or tennis.

47th Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Books are the modern gift for your forty-seventh anniversary. Your kids are likely grown up and you’re probably retired by now, so there is more time to share and enjoy gifts of books. Whether it's a hard or soft bound book, an eBook for your spouse's eReader, or even books on tape, there is a wealth of gift ideas to choose from. You might also think about a book light, bookends, book cases or a new chair to enjoy books in.

48th Anniversary Gift Suggestions

The modern gift idea for your forty-eighth year of marriage is optical goods. Now, it may not necessarily be a great idea to remind your spouse that their sight is not as great as it once was, so tread carefully here. If they want glasses, then great; otherwise, think about doing something fun like finding 48 small items to give or deciding that you will each find 24 of something to exchange.

49th Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Your next wedding anniversary is forty-nine, one year away from a half-century of marriage together. The modern gift for this year is luxury goods, which is a rather subjective gift suggestion that depends entirely upon your personal definition of luxury. While one person might want the bling, another might think a hammock or new easy chair is the height of luxury. There is a lot of room here to pick something for each of you that feels, sounds, or tastes luxurious. It could be jewelry or a trip or a gourmet meal together. It's up to you. After all, you've made it this far together. You deserve it!

As your tastes change, talk to your spouse about what you like and do not like as gifts. It may be more important to you to just share something together and be appreciative of the time you have together. Happy anniversary!

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