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Video:36th-40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

with Jonathan Stewart

Wedding anniversary gifts should always celebrate your years together. Here are some anniversary gift ideas for your 36th to 40th wedding anniversary.See Transcript

Transcript:36th-40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

You are now just past the half-way point of your fourth decade of marriage and approaching forty years of wedded bliss. Here are some traditional, modern, and unique gift suggestions for your thirty-sixth to fortieth wedding anniversaries.

36th Anniversary Gift

Bone china is the modern gift for your thirty-sixth anniversary. After so many years together, you may want to treat yourself to a new set of china for the table. Or, if you are not interested in that, perhaps your wife collects teacups or collectible plates, which can also make nice gifts. Maybe a new china cabinet could be purchased as a gift to house all those collectibles. If china is not your cup of tea, then you could gift other items like ceramic décor, something sentimental, and, of course three dozen of any flower that your significant other is into.

37th Anniversary Gift

Anniversary number thirty-seven has alabaster as its modern gift. In terms of gifts, alabaster is most often seen in sculptures or small décor items. If you like to look at statues but not necessarily buy one, consider a trip to a museum or go big with a trip to Greece to see some of the best statues in the world.

38th Anniversary Gift

Now that you have reached thirty-eight years of marriage, you can start with the modern gift of beryl or tourmaline. Beryl is a mineral that is most often found in green or blue, but can be yellow, red, or colorless when pure. As gemstones, these go nicely in earrings, a bracelet, or even cuff links. Tourmaline is a semi-precious crystal that comes in black, brown, clear, green, yellow and red. You can give it in raw form as a decorative item or you can find it shaped into a piece of jewelry like a ring.

39th Anniversary Gift

Number thirty-nine has the modern gift of lace as its central gift theme. While the more conservative gift would be a lace tablecloth, there are other types of gifts to consider. If you’ve made it to thirty-nine years, there’s got to be some spice and sizzle left that’s been keeping that spark between the two of you. Why not be a little bit naughty think about lacy lingerie.

40th Anniversary Gift

Now, it’s time to celebrate a new decade. Both the traditional and modern gift ideas involves the ruby. Even if you don’t focus on ruby jewelry, you can use the color red in your gift ideas to signify such a momentous occasion. You can pick a place with ruby or red in the name for a unique trip or you can celebrate with a red-themed party. After so many years of gift giving, maybe you will want to make something for each other as you may be retired and have the time. You can also return to where you honeymooned forty years prior or simply enjoy a special day with your family.

After this long together, all I can say is that you should definitely make it something grand or unique. It’s not many who can say they’ve spent four decades together, enjoying each other’s companionship and creating such a special bond. Here’s to many more together! I'm Jonathon Stewart, with About.com.

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