Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions - 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions Video
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Video:2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

with Mary Piper

Need wedding anniversary gift suggestions for your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of married life? Here, see tips for gifts that will delight your spouse.See Transcript

Transcript:2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Hello, I'm Mary Piper and for today I'm hoping to give you some gift ideas for the second, third and fourth wedding anniversaries.

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

First we'll take a look at the second anniversary. For the second anniversary, the traditional gift is cotton, whereas a more modern gift is china. The gemstone is garnet, the color is red and the flower is cosmos. Cotton is known as a symbol of prosperity, gift ideas include scarves, tableclothes and handkerchieves. China is seen as elegant and beautiful and gift ideas include teapots, plates and figurines. Cosmos is the flower of modesty, or you could mix the color and the gemstone and give red garnet jewellery.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

For the third wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is leather. The modern gift to give is crystal. You could give pearl or jade gemstones, the color is white or green and the flower is a fuchsia. Gift ideas for leather include leather belts, leather wallets and leather gloves. Crystal is a reminder of how a couple can tough the lives of those around them. You could give crystal candleholders, figurines or a crystal vase. Pearl and jade gemstones make a good gift, whereas fuchsias connote taste – how lovely for the garden.

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Moving on to the fourth wedding anniversary. The tradional gift is flowers and the modern gift is appliances. The gemstone is topaz, the color is blue or green and the flower is the geranium. You could have bunches of flowers delivered, or potted plants, or even flower-scented soaps. Appliances big or small, from microwaves to curling tongs, blue topaz jewellery or a geranium flower, which is know for its comfort and gentility.

I hope I have given you some gift ideas. For more, visit
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