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Video:26th-30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

with Jonathan Stewart

Wedding anniversary gifts should always celebrate your years together. Here are some anniversary gift ideas for your 26th to 30th wedding anniversary.See Transcript

Transcript:26th-30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

In approaching the completion of nearly three decades together as husband and wife, you’ve got a lot to celebrate. Here are some great gift ideas for your anniversaries from number twenty-six to the big 3-0.

26th Anniversary Gift

The modern gift for your twenty-sixth anniversary is original pictures. This is a great opportunity to commemorate your love with a professional portrait or even one that a friend or family member snaps in a special setting. You could have it taken somewhere that means something to you like where you first met or dated or in a park or at the beach. Of course, you can also gift each other with someone else’s photo work in a beautiful frame. Jade is also the decorative stone associated with this anniversary so jewelry is always an alternative option to consider.

27th Anniversary Gift

Anniversary number twenty-seven has sculpture as its modern gift. This can be an original piece or maybe a reproduction. If your budget is not sized to fit this type of gift, you can turn it into something fun like taking a pottery class together or visiting a favorite museum to see sculptures on display.

28th Anniversary Gift

For your twenty-eighth anniversary, there is also only a modern gift, which is the orchid. Of course, you can go traditional by giving an orchid plant, but you can also be creative with it. There are paintings and prints by celebrated artist Georgia O’Keefe that show orchids in all their beauty. Or, you can buy some type of home décor or jewelry item with an orchid motif. If you are looking for adventure, pick up an orchid lei as you depart from your plan for a getaway to Hawaii so the two of you can relax on island time.

29th Anniversary Gift

Number twenty-nine has as its modern gift furniture. Although this does seem like it could be a big-ticket gift, it doesn’t have to be. For example, scour sales or stores for special older or unique pieces of second-hand furniture that you can enjoy together. Or, since you have been together for awhile and might have some money saved, it might be fun to splurge on a new bedroom set where all that magic happens. You may also opt to just go for a gift that celebrates the number twenty-nine in a fun way or take a trip together with that number in mind.

30th Anniversary Gift

Reaching your thirtieth wedding anniversary milestone is a real accomplishment. You can select from the traditional gift of pearls or the modern gift of diamonds if opting to stick with the anniversary gift list. While both of these open up many jewelry possibilities for men and women, including bracelets and watches, you may want to consider other personalized gift items like a cross on a necklace with diamonds or diamond cuff links.

Photos and memory books are other more personalized gifts that suit smaller budgets but that can hold special meaning and offer a focus on the importance of love, family, and memories.

All of these anniversaries also make good excuses for a party with family and friends. Often, your kids are grown and you may even have grandchildren—all of whom will enjoy celebrating with you and can admire you both for your long life together. I'm Jonathon Stewart, with About.com.

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