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Video:21st-24th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

with Jonathan Stewart

Wedding anniversary gifts should always celebrate your years together. Here are some anniversary gift ideas for your 21st to 24th wedding anniversary.See Transcript

Transcript:21st-24th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Now that you have two decades of wedded bliss behind you, it’s now time to celebrate your twenty-first, twenty-second, twenty-third, and maybe even your twenty-fourth wedding anniversary. Here’s a guide to help you with gift suggestions to celebrate the continuation of a long and happy life together. Before providing gift ideas for these anniversary dates, most have both a traditional and a modern gift. However, with these four anniversaries, there are only modern gifts.

21st Anniversary Gift

Starting with the twenty-first wedding anniversary, the modern gift is nickel or brass. This could involve everything from home décor items, mirrors, coins or even a musical instrument if you are interested in that as a hobby. It might even be a brass or nickel item that represents something important to the both of you like something nautical or representative of nature.

22nd Anniversary Gift

Your twenty-second anniversary modern gift is copper. There are all types of copper items available to suit a wide range of tastes. Of course, copper jewelry is one idea with many bracelets, earrings, and other arts and crafts style selections. However, copper does not always agree with everyone’s skin, so you might want to get something for the home like a copper statue or other home décor item.

If copper is not necessarily your favorite, you can think about getting a jewelry gift with the official gemstone of this anniversary, which is spinel. This gemstone is similar to a ruby thanks to its deep, rich red hue. Other fun ideas might include incorporating the number 22 in your gift items like 22 chocolates, 22 flowers, or 22 different notes to each other about memories and things you love.

23rd Anniversary Gift

On your twenty-third anniversary, your modern gift idea is a silver plate. Now, this doesn’t just mean you have to literally buy a silver plate. Gifts can be silver plated as well, so this could include keepsake boxes, jewelry, or wine goblets. Don’t forget to get the item engraved to commemorate this special anniversary.

24th Anniversary Gift

Finally, the twenty-fourth wedding anniversary modern gift is a musical instrument. If your wife loves playing the piano or your husband enjoys the guitar, now is the time to upgrade their current instrument or get them started with one that they always wanted. Maybe think about including lessons too so they can quickly get accustomed to their gift. Of course, if musical ability doesn’t run in the blood or you do not have a large gift budget, then you can always pick out some CDs or download a compilation of favorite songs instead.

You can, of course, also simply select gifts that mean something to the both of you or that involve a hobby or passion in life that you enjoy like traveling, a sport, or a craft. It can also involve a special experience like a meal out, a get-together with family, or a night on the town. It’s up to you to celebrate it in a way that is meaningful and memorable.

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