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Video:16th-20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

with Jonathon Stewart

Reaching nearly the second decade of marriage definitely calls for a celebration, as well as gifts. Here are gift suggestions for your 16th-20th wedding anniversaries.See Transcript

Transcript:16th-20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Reaching what will be two decades of marriage is no small feat. For anniversaries 16-20, there is a lot to celebrate and some great gifts to remember each special year together. Here are some great ideas to celebrate that the spark is still there between you.

16th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

For the 16th anniversary, there are surprisingly no traditional gifts or types of flowers associated with this year. However, there are modern gifts of silver holloware and gemstone gifts of aquamarine and peridot. Holloware includes silver tea sets, serving dishes, and cutlery.

The gemstones can be included in a gift of jewelry like a ring while a man's gift might be a dazzling pair of cufflinks. Since there are few gifts associated with this anniversary, it's a perfect excuse to make another memory through a trip that's 16 days long or a party with the 16 as a fun theme in all decorations, games, and food.

17th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Anniversary 17 again offers no official traditional gifts or flower types. However, the modern gift is furniture, while the gemstones are citrine and amethyst. Furniture is often a delicate subject, especially if spouses do not always share tastes. It also can be a big ticket item, which requires some agreement before purchased.

Consider a special antique piece that adds interest to a room or invest in a new set of patio furniture to enjoy summer evenings and weekends outside. Other great furniture ideas might be a hammock, or an ergonomic desk chair for the spouse that works from home in front of a computer all day. And, by 17, you might start thinking about a pair of matching rockers. Or just rock out.

18th and 19th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Both anniversaries 18 and 19 also skip out on the traditional gifts. Instead, the modern gift for the 18th anniversary is porcelain and an opal gemstone while 19 is bronze. Collectible porcelain figurines or a great antique vase are some beautiful gifts.

For number 19, a few gifts ideas might be bronze sculptures for the art aficionado or bronze book ends for the literary spouse. There are also many types of bronze jewelry, which are unique and provide a wonderful addition to any collection.

Modern and Traditional 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

And, now, if you are looking for gifts for your twentieth wedding anniversary, I first must congratulate you for reaching two decades together as husband and wife. Your kids very likely have left you with an empty nest, so it's time to think of some special gifts to commemorate such a lasting relationship.

The traditional gift is china, which symbolizes the beauty of your long life together. Platinum is the modern gift and represents something that is strong and enduring. Gemstones for this very important anniversary include the emerald or a yellow diamond.

Other Great 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

The 20th anniversary flower is the day lily, which symbolizes playful behavior. Perhaps that playful behavior is what has kept those embers of love burning away for so long. There is a wide range of china to gift, including vases, place settings, and figurines. Platinum jewelry, incorporating an emerald or yellow diamond, is also a treasured gift.

As you embark on the next twenty years of your life together, start it off with a special trip that takes you on an adventure to places far away or sights unseen. That will be a sure-fire way to keep things exciting and fresh. It’s also a great way to rediscover being alone together after the kids are gone.

I'm Jonathon Stewart, with About.com.

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