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Video:11th-15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

with Jonathan Stewart

After a decade of marriage, it can be difficult to think of special wedding anniversary gifts. Here are gift suggestions for your 11th-15th wedding anniversaries, to keep the spark alive.See Transcript

Transcript:11th-15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

You now have at least a decade of marriage behind you. And, through those years, you've exchanged gifts and celebrated your love. Now, you are looking at year 11, 12, 13, 14 or maybe even 15. The gift ideas might be tougher, but it always helps to consider some of the traditional and modern gifts for each of these years.

11th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

For anniversary number 11, traditional gifts are steel while modern gifts are fashion jewelry. Stainless steel gifts abound for men and women, including everything from grilling sets, tools, and watches, to picture frames and appliances.

Modern jewelry provides a wide range of beautiful options for both men and women, including rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Steel symbolizes a strong marriage that can stand the test of time and not be broken down by outside forces. Be sure to put those new barbecue tools or stainless steel appliances to work with an intimate dinner for two or large celebration.

12th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Anniversary 12 includes traditional gifts of silk or linen or modern gifts of pearls. Linen and silk gifts can focus on clothing and accessories like scarves and slippers, or you can think about a silky smooth set of silk sheets for the bed. Pearls can be set in all types of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

You can also take advantage of the anniversary gemstone of opal or jade and combine that with pearls. Fresh flowers can also be a special treat, and the 11th anniversary flower is the peony.

13th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Anniversary 13 offers traditional gifts of lace or modern gifts of textiles. Lace offers the possibility of gorgeous lingerie that you can buy for your wife, which can actually be a gift for you, too, once she models it for you. Textile gifts include rugs, throws, blankets and even cute teddy bears or other cuddly stuffed animals.

For the guy, you might consider something along the lines of a stadium blanket with his favorite sports team's logo on it. Other gift ideas can include the 13th anniversary flower of the hollyhock or gemstones, such as citrine, moonstone, or hawk's eye.

14th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

The 14th anniversary has arrived and, with it, you might focus on traditional gifts made of ivory or modern gifts of gold jewelry. Because ivory is a rare and now protected material, you may want to think outside of the box here. Perhaps you can go on a safari to see the beautiful ivory in the wild where it belongs—on an elephant. You can also take another path related to ivory—tickling the ivories of a piano by buying one for the home or simply taking your loved one out to a piano bar.

With gold jewelry as the modern gift choice, it's hard to go wrong. Men and women alike can both enjoy gold jewelry. This might be a watch, cuff links, or money clip for him. Or, for her, it's a beautiful chain, earrings, or bracelet. Don't forget to engrave the jewelry for a special and personal message for your loved one.

Modern and Traditional 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

Anniversary 15 is just around the corner. Get ready with a traditional gift of crystal or a modern gift like a watch. While the watch symbolizes the time you've spent together, crystal is thought to represent the clear love you have for each other. You might consider picking up a pair of crystal champagne glasses to toast your love.

Smaller gifts can mean just as much. Select a bouquet of red roses, the fifteenth anniversary flower, or give a small crystal pendant or collectible figurine like those made by Swarovski. Most importantly, spend time together and reminisce about the special times you've shared over the last fifteen years. You've come a long way, baby.

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