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Video:10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

with Jonathan Stewart

A 10th wedding anniversary is a special time for you and your spouse. Make sure you get him or her a great gift with these 10th wedding anniversary gift suggestions.See Transcript

Transcript:10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Suggestions

It's the big one-oh, and you might think about going big with a gift or celebration. But here are some ideas for gifting and celebrating that fit all types of budgets.

Traditional 10th Anniversary Wedding Gift Suggestions

The traditional gifts incorporate aluminum or tin. While, this may sound tricky, all it takes is a little imagination. Ever heard of tin cup jewelry? It's beautiful and offers a way to combine the tenth anniversary gemstone of blue sapphire or diamonds.

Other lower priced gift ideas include aluminum watches, wall sconces, paper weights and tin storage boxes or canisters. The tin canisters can even be stuffed full of other personal items like romantic notes, candies, or love coupons for special nights out.

Tin and aluminum symbolize the pliability of a successful marriage in which both partners work on being flexible and adjusting to each other's needs without breaking the bond between them.

Modern 10th Anniversary Wedding Gift Suggestions

The modern gift for your tenth anniversary is diamond jewelry. At a first glance, this may seem like it will break the bank, but you don't have to go for a large rock just to say, "I love you." Definitely don't feel pressured to blow your life savings.

Diamond stud earrings or a small pendant necklace make nice and more affordable gifts. Diamonds symbolize durability and strength in a marriage. And, in today's seemingly throwaway society, ten years as a couple is an admirable achievement.

Other Great 10th Anniversary Wedding Gift Suggestions

Not everything has to be a physical gift. You can opt to take a trip on such a milestone anniversary or simply enjoy a nice dinner or event together. Another great idea is to host a party at your home, inviting friends and family to the celebration. These ideas can also include a renewal of vows if that is something you both want to do as a recommitment to each other.

Flowers are always a nice bonus gift, and the tenth anniversary flower is the daffodil, which represents happiness. So, be sure to show your happiness for your spouse and everything she does for you with a beautiful bouquet.

I'm Jonathon Stewart, with About.com.
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