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Video:Create an Email Group in Outlook

with Don Schechter

Setting up an email group in Outlook lets you contact a list of people without having to type in their individual email addresses.See Transcript

Transcript:Create an Email Group in Outlook

Hi, I'm Don Schechter with Money. Today, I will show you how to set up a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook. A distribution list allows you to send one email to many people at once.

Name the the Email Group

First open up Microsoft Outlook. Go to 'File,' 'New,' 'Distribution List.' A new window will appear.

In the name text box, type the name of name of your new distribution list. I will type in 'co-workers.' Then click on 'Add New.'

Enter the Group's Names and Addresses

A small window will pop up where you can type the display names and email addresses of the people you want in the distribution list.

You can also choose to add the names to your contact list by clicking 'Add to Contacts.' When you are finished, click 'OK.'

Select Members to the Email Group

You can also add people to your distribution list by clicking on 'Select Members.' From here, you can type in a name, or choose a name from your Outlook address book or contacts.

Select the members that you want, click on 'Members,' then click 'OK.'

Finish Creating the Email Group

Now you will see your new members in the large window. Add as many people to your list as you want.

To delete someone from your list, select their name, and click on 'Remove.'

You can also write notes about your distribution groups by clicking on the Notes tab. Begin typing in the text box. When you are finished creating your distribution list, click 'Save and Close.'

Email Members of the Email Group

To access your distribution list, click on 'Contacts.' You will see the group under your list of contacts. Double click on it to see its members.

To email all of the members in your distribution list, right click on the name of the group in your contact list.

Select 'New Message to Contact.' Begin typing your message. Press 'send,' and the email will go to everyone in your list.

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