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Video:Makeup Tips for Fair Skin Tones

with Rebecca Garcia

People with fair skin tones have special concerns when applying makeup. If you apply too lightly, you can look like a ghost, but too dark, you may end up looking like a clown. We'll help you find a happy, pretty medium.See Transcript

Transcript:Makeup Tips for Fair Skin Tones

Hi. My name is Rebecca Garcia. I’m a New York and Paris based makeup artist here for About.com. And today I’m going to show you some tips on how to apply makeup for fair skin.

Foundation Tips for Fair Skin Tones

For the skin, we’re going to start with a concealer brush. And our concealer palette. Then we’re going to take 2 different tones of foundation and our foundation brush. Mostly because fair skin is really hard to match. And, if you go too heavy. You’ll see a really heavy line of demarcation. And we don’t want that.

Then, we’ve got a rose water tonic to blend away any lines that might be forming. And, with fair skin we can do a lot more fun trends with color.

Using Color on Fair Skin Tones

Here we have our cream blush, an eye shadow brush and two fun Spring colors. We’ve got bright green and bright pink it’s really fun.

Eye Makeup for Fair Skin Tones

We’re going to start with the eyes. Close your eyes. And we’re going to start with one color here . We’re going to start with pink in the center. We’re just going to fill in half the lid.

And the reason we’re starting with the eyes, is that if any of the shadow falls on the face we can correct it with foundation and concealer. So, we’re just applying the shadow to the inner and to half of the lid. And now we’re applying to the outer half of the lid.

Concealer for Fair Skin Tones

And, take our concealer brush, we’re going to match up the color closest to her skin and first we’re going to start with this yellow toned concealer, and this is going to help conceal the dark circles under the eyes. Now, with fair skin, we’re just going to go in and just tuch into certain areas. I don’t want to cover all of her skin. I want to be able to see her skin, her beautiful complexion and her freckles showing through, I don’t want to cover them up.

We’re just going to highlight in the eye here a little bit. Gonna go in around the dark shadows on the inside of the eye, and then we’re going to take the color concealer that best matches her skin, which looks like this one here, and we’re just gonna go in, to cut down some of the redness around the nose here. I’m gonna conceal and highlight around the corners of the mouth. Just any little spots that might surface here.

We’re just going to dab our concealer on there, and now we’re going to take our foundation brush and go around and blend in the concealer. We’re going to take two different shades of foundation to match her skin perfectly and we’re going to take our foundation brush, swirl it around the back of our hand, and we’re just gonna kind of skip through and just highlight or tone down any red areas. Just to kind of thin out a bit more. So, now we’re going to take our Rosewater tonic. We’re going to spray from about twenty-four inches away from the face, and with our foundation brush, we’re just gonna go around and blend the makeup in.

Finishing Touches

And, this creates a really soft airbrushed, really natural transparent. And that’s our foundation for fair skin. Now we’re going to take our cream blush. We’re going to rub a little bit off with our finger tips and we’re just going to dot it where the cheek would naturally flush. And then we’re just going to blend it in with our fingers here. And now we have a soft glowing effect for fair skin.

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