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Video:How to Hide a Hickey

with Kate McCarthy

You don't have to face the world with an embarrassing hickey displayed prominently on your neck. Remember that a little makeup will work wonders! Get rid of your unsightly hickey fast by covering it up like a pro.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Hide a Hickey

Hi! I'm Kate McCarthy with About.com, and today I'm going to show you how to cover up a hickey.

Repair the Hickey With Vitamin E Oil

The first thing you want to do when covering up a hickey is take some liquid Vitamin E that you can get at any grocery store, and you're just going to put in on a sponge, and you want to dab it into that. The Vitamin E is going to help with the broken capillaries, and it's also going to help it heal a lot faster.

Conceal the Hickey

The second thing you want do to is take a green corrector, which is basically like a green concealer. Now, it's going to counteract any redness left in your skin. And you just want a little bit, and again, you just want to dab it on.

Cover the Hickey

Now that that's done, you want to grab a yellow concealer, and mix it with your skin tone concealer. And you're just going to dot it on around the hickey. And don't rub it in. Make sure you pat it into your skin.

And there you go. That is all you need to cover up that hickey that you might not want mom and dad to see.

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