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Video:How to Do 80s Makeup

with Kacie Marie

Look the part for any 80s party or concert by perfecting your makeup. Our tips will help you achieve the perfect 80s makeup look.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do 80s Makeup

Hi I'm Kacie Marie and this is About.com. Are you going to see your favorite hair band tonight and you need your makeup to match your style? I'm going to show you how to 1980s retro make-up.

What You Need to Apply 80s Makeup

The tools you'll need are eye shadow, the sparklier the better, eyeliners, I have a pencil and liquid (I'll show you a trick about that shortly), mascara, some blush and a blush brush and lipstick. I'm going to use red.

Begin with 80s Eyes

First we're going to start with our eye shadows. We'll start with a fresh palette, using white across the entire lid. Do a nice light coat over the entire lid, you can even extend further up. This gives your eye extra sparkle. I'm also going to use some white right underneath the brown. It helps lift your eye and also define your eyebrow.

Now that we have a nice fresh palette of white, we're going to bring in the colors. I'm going to start with the blue, covering my entire lid, really making it extreme. Next I'm going to use my darker blue. Put it right in the crease. Use your finger, smudge around and blend a little. I'm also going to use the dark blue on the bottom lid. Put the heaviest in the corner, connecting the shadow you already have.

The next step is eyeliner. A nice little trick about liquid is that if you start with pencil it's easier to follow the line. So moving right along your eyelash line, just enough so you can see it, I'm going to swoop up following the line of your shadow. Now on to the liquid eyeliner. I'm using black, making it even more extreme. And with your other hand, you're going to pull back your skin to your hairline and just follow the pencil you've already drawn. Nice and slow right along the eyelashes. After you're done the eyeliner, look down and give it just a few moments to dry.

Next we have mascara. Use as much as you want. Apply from root to tip and you can put most of your mascara on the outside, which makes your eyes look extra wide. A nice coat on the bottom lashes as well.

80s Makeup Requires Lots of Blush and Lipstick

We're going to use our blush, applying it to the apples of your cheeks. And this helps define your cheekbones. And last but not least I have my red lipstick. Just follow your lip line and you can use any red shade that you'd like. The 80s were wild.

Now that you're finished, it's time to rock and roll. For more information go to about.com. Until next time!
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