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Video:How to Choose Foundation Color

with Kacie Marie

There are a lot of options out there when trying to choose a foundation color, so it's helpful to have some guidance. Here are some tips for choosing the right foundation color for you.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Choose Foundation Color

Hello, I'm Kacie Marie. This is and today, I'm going to show you how to use the right foundation for your skin tone. Now, we're going to go and find our correct foundation color.

Test Foundation Color on Jaw Line

When looking for a foundation, you want to find the tone that matches your face perfectly. The best place to test it is right on your jaw line. Our skin tones vary from different parts of our bodies, so it's imperative to try the colors on your jaw line rather than your hands. Yellow-based foundations generally work great for all skin tones. This is a buff beige. This is a lighter one. It's a golden beige. Early tan. If you have more fair skin, color with a pink undertone is the way to go. So choosing colors such as porcelain or ivory will work great for you. Classic ivory.

Test Foundation Color in Sunlight

For darker complexions, a yellow-based foundation works great for you. You want to avoid anything with the undertone of pink or orange. There are specific foundations for darker skin tones. Most big make-up departments will let you try on different make-ups. Now the best tip I have is to put on the foundation and run over to a window or even outside with a friend. If it disappears on your skin, that's the right foundation for you. If it stands out, keep trying. Now your skin looks flawless and no one knows you're wearing foundation. For more information, go to Until next time.
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