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Video:How to Apply the Perfect Lips

with Daniel Meirom

Lip liner or lip gloss? Lip stain or lipstick? We'll break things down and show you exactly how to achieve the perfect look for your lips.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Apply the Perfect Lips

Hello, I'm Kacie Marie and this is

Must Have Products for Perfectly Painted Lips

I am here today to show you how to have perfectly painted lips. The tools you'll need are: concealer whatever matches your coloring; some lip liner, in this case, I'm using red; a little bit of red lip gloss; and some lipstick, whatever shade you're in the mood for.

Concealer and Powder

First we are going to use our concealer. As we even out the discoloration around our lips, it also helps us to define our lips to know exactly where the line is.

Next we're going to use our powder. While brushing it all around your mouth, put it right on your lips. That helps the lipstick actually stay longer.

Add Lip Liner and Lipstick

Now we're going to go in with our lip liner. You want to follow the natural shape of your lip. And on your top lip, if you want to round it off just a little, no one will know.

Next we're going to go in with our lipstick. I'm using a reddish magenta, it's really dramatic but feel free to use whatever you're in the mood for. You want to stay inside the lip liner letting that be your guide. If you go a little outside the line of your lip, don't worry- use your concealer to cover it up.

Add Gloss to Your Lips

For the final touch and an extra sparkle, use your gloss. You can use clear. I'm using red. Put it right in the middle of your lips. It gives it that extra glow.

Now that you have your perfectly painted pout, you're ready to take on the day. For more information, go to Till next time!
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