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Video:How to Apply 50s Pinup Eye Makeup

with Kacie Marie

See how to apply 50s-inspired pinup eye makeup that brings back classic beauty with an edge.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Apply 50s Pinup Eye Makeup

Hello. I'm Kacie Marie and I'm here to today to help you achieve that 50s inspired pin-up eye makeup bringing back classic beauty with an edge.

What You'll Need

The tools you'll need to help transform your eyes into a modern Marilyn Monroe are: Mascara (you can get it ant any store, the more luscious and thick the better, eyeliner-we have black liquid eyeliner and we also have a pencil and I'll teach you a little trick about that later, I have my palette of colors. Last but not least, we have a little applicator. Depending on what you have in your drawer, it might be a brush or a Q-tip or you can even use your finger.

Apply Cream Base

We're going to start with our light cream base, which we spread over the entire eye. This gives you a fresh palette to work with. We're also going to go ahead and you the light cream right on the bottom lid. That opens your eye just a little bit more. A Little bit more sparkly.

Apply Peach to Eyelids

Today we're working with peaches and pinks. Peaches are good for daywear. It helps compliment a lot of colors. I'm going to go ahead and apply my peaches right on to my lid. Inside to outside. A little bit of pink a little bit of peach covering the entire lid, making your eyes look bigger. A great way to contour the eye is to use a deeper color, I'm going to go ahead and use a brownish red it has a little sparkle to it. I'm going to put it right in the crease, right where you eye bends. This helps exaggerate all of your looks.

Apply Eyeliner

Next step is eyeliner. The best thing to do is pull your skin back tightly toward your hairline. Just tight enough so you can give a smooth line. Go from the outside to the inside. Follow the natural curve of your eye. For the cat eye just extend it out a little bit further.

Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Next step we have is liquid eyeliner. I'm using a black, which makes it incredibly dramatic. You can use brown, blue, whatever you're in the mood for. Now following the contour of the pencil you already made. A simple but important tip about eyeliner. Right after you apply it you want to look down and make sure you let it dry for about 30 seconds because if you look up too soon you're going to ruin that perfectly powdered eye shadow you just finished applying.

Match Eyes to Mascara

Now that we have these big dramatic cat eyes, we need to match it with our mascara. We want to thicken from the root to the tip. The more mascara the better. You want to put the thickest coat towards the end of your eye, following the cat eye. We're all about luscious eyelashes. To finish off the mascara, put a nice little light coat at the bottom.

Apply Powder

For one last final touch-up if you have if you have any sort of loose powder which has a sparkle or a lighter tint to it, I'm going to put just a little bit right on the crease of your eye, giving you a little bit of highlight and also just touching up the inner corners of your eyes, gives you that extra sparkle.

With these small tips, you too can look like a classic beauty with a little bit of spice. For more information, go to Until next time!
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