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Video:Foundation for Sensitive Skin

with Ana Crane Simpson

Find out what to look for when shopping for foundation for sensitive skin. We'll help you navigate the different options to find the best foundation for sensitive skin.See Transcript

Transcript:Foundation for Sensitive Skin

Hi! My name is Ana Crane Simpson with Applied Cosmetic Services for, and today I’m going to show you what to look for when purchasing foundation for sensitive skin.

What Is Foundation?

Foundation is a makeup that is liquid, cream or powder based that gives the appearance of even skin and conceals any imperfections. If you have relatively smooth skin that is free of any spots and blemishes, then you can opt for a light tinted moisturizer for daily wear. It provides you coverage while letting your skin breathe. But if your skin requires more coverage and you are planning to go to an important event or party, then you definitely require a good foundation. But always remember: the most important thing to consider while buying a foundation is your skin type and the amount of coverage you will need. This will also determine how much money you will need to spend.

Foundation for Sensitive Skin

Today we will be discussing the best foundation for Sensitive Skin. Most sufferers may already know this, but if you have ever experienced stinging, burning, redness, and/or tightness after using a certain skin care product, then you probably have sensitive skin. However, before taking any further action, you should first have your skin examined by a dermatologist. This is the most certain way to find out if you have sensitive skin, or if there is another cause for your skin condition.

Makeup Advice for Sensitive Skin

If you already know you have sensitive skin and you are looking for a good foundation make-up, you should already be using specific cosmetic products. Your makeup products should be hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic and appropriate for sensitive skin. This information will always be listed on the packaging.

Today we will be using a liquid foundation that is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic and with SPF 15. I have selected a silicone-based foundation because it has a low incidence of skin irritation. Apply it gently to the whole face but never rub it. Most dermatologists and makeup artists don’t recommend those with sensitive skin to use face powder, but if you must, I recommend you don’t use it every day.

Removing Makeup

To remove the makeup in the evening use a mild makeup remover designed for sensitive or dry skin.

And those are just a few tips on what to look for when shopping for Foundation for sensitive skin. Thanks for watching. To learn more please visit us at

Thanks for watching! To learn more, please visit us at

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