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Video:Foundation for Dark Skin

with Ana Crane Simpson

Dark skin sometimes requires blending foundations in order to achieve the best coverage. Learn how to find the best foundation for dark skin.See Transcript

Transcript:Foundation for Dark Skin

Hi! My name is Ana Crane Simpson with Applied Cosmetic Services for, and today I’m going to show you what to look for when purchasing foundation for dark skin.

Foundation is a makeup that is liquid, cream or powder based that gives the appearance of even skin and conceals any imperfections. If you have relatively smooth skin that is free of any spots and blemishes, then you can opt for a light tinted moisturizer for daily wear. It provides you coverage while letting your skin breathe.

Use Foundation Appropriate for Your Skin Type and Shade

But always remember: the most important thing to consider while buying a foundation is your skin type and the amount of coverage you will need. This will also determine how much money you will need to spend.

For darker skin tones you can use a powder or liquid foundation. Darker skin tones also may require two shades of foundation to be blended together. If you are choosing a liquid or powder foundation, it is important to remember to test the skin on the cheek and around the hairline, from the lightest area to the darkest area of skin.

When Foundation Oxidizes on the Skin It May Appear Darker

Allow the make-up to set and in about ten minutes you should see if the color foundation has oxidized, giving the appearance of a darker tone than you had originally implied. If this is the case, you may want to look as a lighter shade, because the natural oils may cause different levels of oxidation and each foundation contains different ingredients, you should test as many different foundations as possible before determining the best possible match for your skin.

Remove Oil From Skin Before Applying Foundation

Before applying any makeup, you will want to remove any oils or moisturizers on the skin. You can use a mild makeup remover or a facewipe for sensitive skin that is alcohol free. The next step after a clean face is to go ahead and apply a moisturizer and / or a skin primer. When applying foundation, use a clean make-up brush, and start applying it evenly to the t-zone, down the nose, cheek bones, around the eye area, and blend it down the jaw line. Dust on loose powder with a large powder brush for light coverage. And those are just a few tips for darker skin tones.

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