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Video:Asian Eye Makeup: Brown Shades

with Rebecca Garcia

Play up your features with this great makeup look for Asian eyes.See Transcript

Transcript:Asian Eye Makeup: Brown Shades

Hi, my name is Rebecca Garcia, I’m a New York and Paris based makeup artist here for and I’m going to show you a great eye makeup look for Asian women.

Tools for Applying Eye Makeup

To accomplish this look you’re going to need a dark brown pencil, a set of eye lashes that are pre-cut and sized. You’ll need a water proof eyelash adhesive and a dark brown shade of eye shadow.

Apply Eyeliner

We’re going to start with our brown – dark brown eye liner. It enhances the naturally dark reddish brown in her eyes. Close your eyes. And we’re going to start from the inner eye-lid and work our way out. Now we do the other side. So, we’re just going to take our blending brush and just smudge it in a little. Want it to look soft.

Apply Pre-Cut Eyelashes

And now, we’re going to take a dab of our waterproof eyelash adhesive, just a little drop on the back of the hand. So, we’re going to take your pre-cut eyelash and drag it from one end across the base of the lash. We’re going to give it a few seconds to get tacky.

Close your eyes. And we’re going to place it right on the outer edge here. K, just keep your eyes closed. We’re dragging the outer eyelash through the glue. Just to cover the base of the lash, and then we’re going to apply it and we’re just going to gently press into the base of the lash line here.

Blend Eye Makeup

We’re going to give it a few moments to dry and then we’re going to go in with our blending brush and the dark brown shadow. Now we’re just going to dab and blend with the dark brown shadow right across the lash line. And there you go.

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