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Video:How to Make an Lollipop Balloon Shape

with The Amazing Dave

Balloon shapes are easy to make with a little practice and a few tips. Watch this video to see how to inflate and twist two ordinary balloons into a giant lollipop shape.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make an Lollipop Balloon Shape

Hi, I’m The Amazing Dave.  Today for I’m going to show you how to make a lollipop balloon shape.  

Supplies for a Lollipop Balloon Shape

Here's what you’ll need:

  • Two long balloons of two different colors
  • Balloon pump.  

First you're going to inflate your balloons.  To do this it's very simple.  Just put the balloon pump in the balloon and pump it up.  You're going to pump both of these balloons up all the way.   Let out a little bit of air so that they're a little easier to work with. Then tie a little knot.  Do the exact same thing with balloon number two.  Now you have two balloons.  One balloon is going to be the stick of your lollipop.  I'm using the white one for that.  And the other balloon is going to be the actual candy part of the lollipop. I'm using red because I like cherry.   

Twist the Balloons Together

We're going to start with the stick.  We're going to have to bend it exactly in half like this.  Find the exact center and twist it around a little creating a little separation there.   This is where you're going to start to twist your other balloon, the candy part of the balloon.  You want to leave just a little bit sticking out over the end and twist it right around into there. Now we have a balloon like this, a little t.  Red and white. 

Coil and Twist the Balloons for the Lollipop Shape

Here's where it gets a little tricky and may take some practice.  You're now going to spin the red balloon around itself like a spiral and curl it up just like a snail.  Now if you let go this is just going to unravel completely.  So we need to attach it.  Pull both sides of your stick up to the very end.  One here and one here.  Now you're going to have to twist this together.  This can be a little tricky and it may take some practice.  But there's really no other way to learn but to practice again and again.  You want to grab the end of your red balloon and your two white balloons and twist all three of them together.  Your spiral may come a little undone, that's totally fine.  Just stick it right back in place.  

There we go we have a lollipop and we want it to look like one stick so we're going to twist them around just like this.  There you go.  One you have it twisted together just make a little twist at the end.  And there you have it, a lollipop balloon shape.  

Thanks for watching.  For more information on balloon sculptures visit

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