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Video:How to Make Butterfly Wing Balloon Shapes

with The Amazing Dave

Balloon shapes are even more fun when you can wear them. Watch this video to see how to make butterfly balloon wings.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Butterfly Wing Balloon Shapes

Hi, I’m The Amazing Dave.  Today for, I’m going to show you how to make butterfly wing balloon shapes. 

Supplies for Butterfly Balloon Wings

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Four long balloons -two in one color and two in another
  • Balloon pump.  

Now you have to pump up all the balloons.  Just take your pump stick it into a balloon and blow it up.  You're going to blow these balloons up almost all the way.  You just want to leave a little teeny tip at the end.   Tie them off like so.  Repeat that process three more times.

Twist the Balloons to Shape the Wings

We're going to start with the two purple balloons.  These are going to be the actual wings.  Okay. You're going to make this balloon into a circle.  It's very easy to do that.  Just take the little tip you left and the knot and tie them together.  Just like you're tying your shoes.  Now you're going to make a circle out of this balloon too.  The only thing you want to make sure to do is stick it through this balloon so that your two circles are connected.  Boom, I now have two connecting circles.   You want to take the parts with the knots and just push them together so that they're side by side like so.  Now this doesn't really look like wings, right?  It just looks like two circular things.  So we want to find the center of each balloon and bend it down.  Remember when you bend a balloon it will stay the way you bend it, okay.  Give it a little squeeze like that and it'll stay in that shape.  Almost like a heart, alright, but this way looks like a wing.  Flip it over and repeat the process.  There we have it two butterfly wings.  

Twist the Harness Shape for the Balloon Wings

Now we need to create the harness that will keep these wings on whoever you're making them for.  You're going to do the exact same thing you did with the purple balloons.  Tie together to make a circle.  Slip the balloon through.  Tie it together.  Find the center where the knots are and push them together, alright.  This is sort of going to be the arm straps for your wings.  Take your wings and attach them like so.  Ready?  I'm just going to push straight through.  Just twist them around so that you have two loops in the front and two wings in the back.  And your butterfly wings are in place.   

Thanks for watching.  For more information on balloon sculptures visit

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