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Video:How to Do the Card Force Magic Trick

with The Amazing Dave

Predict a card from a deck with sleight of hand, not clairvoyance. Watch this video to see how the card force magic trick is done. This magic trick will surely leave the audience guessing.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do the Card Force Magic Trick

Hi I’m The Amazing Dave.  Today for I’m going to show you how to do the card force magic trick.  

How to Set Up the Card Magic Tick

Here’s what you’ll need: a deck of cards, marker and a slip of paper.  Tell an audience member that you're going to have them select a card.  And that you're going to make a prediction, a magical prediction, on what that card is going to be.  First though to make sure there's no funny business tell them you have to mix up the cards really well.  Take the cards out of the deck and give them a good shuffle.

Quickly Peak at the Right Card

This is actually pretty important, okay? Because what you're going to do while you're shuffling, right at the end of it, take a little peek at the top card. Right here it's the nine of diamonds.  Remember that card.  It's very important.  Tell them you are now going to make your prediction.  Right the nine of diamonds on the slip of paper.  Just don't let the audience see you do it.  Fold your slip of paper up and place it off to the side.  

Performing the Card Trick

Now tell your audience member to make sure there's no funny business you're not even going to touch the cards anymore.   You're just going to instruct them what to do.  Tell your audience member to cut the cards, just a few cards off the top like so.  Them them to flip the cards over so that they're upside down.  Boom.  Tell them then to place them on top of the deck. Now to make sure the cards are really mixed up you want them to cut the cards again. This time further down near the bottom.  Tell them again to flip them over and place them on top of the deck.  

Find the Card and Reveal Your Prediction

Now tell them that you're going to find the first face down card.  Here it is right there.  Tell them to take a look at it. Then reveal your prediction.  They'll be amazed to see that they're the exact same card.  Thank you for watching.  For more information on magic tricks, visit 

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