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Video:How to Share Files between your Mac and PC

with Don Schechter

Overcome hardware differences in just a few simple steps- share files between your mac and PC and make your network truly seamless.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Share Files between your Mac and PC

Hi. I am Don Schechter for Computing. Today, I will show you how to share files between a Mac and a PC.

Mac Set-up for PC Access

First, on your mac, go up to the apple and select system preferences. Click sharing. Check off the box that says windows sharing At the bottom it shows you which accounts have access and how windows users can access your files. Close the preferences window.

Set-up PC to Access Mac Files

Now I'll go to my PC and click My Computer. In the address bar you can type in the name of the drive of the mac computer you want to connect to. We just saw this information on the bottom of my mac's system preferences window. Press enter and a window will appear. Type in your username and password for the computer. Click ok.

View Mac Files on your PC

You now have access to the mac computer. I'll click on desktop to view the files that are on the Macs desktop.

View PC Files on your Mac - PC Set-up

Let's say I wanted to share files on this PC with the Mac. I can right click on the folder I want to share and select properties Click the sharing tab. Now click the share this folder button. You can rename the folder if you want or give a comment.

Below you can limit the number of users or have them ask permission before viewing the folder. Click apply then ok when youre done.

Access PC Files from your Mac

Let's go back to my mac. Go down to the finder on the menu bar. Click on network in the left sidebar. Select your network. Mine is called MShome. There's the PC I am looking for. Click connect. In the window that appears, select which shared volume you want to connect to from the drop down menu then click ok. now in the left sidebar you will see the name of the volume you chose, click on it to see the files it contains.

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