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Video:What to Eat During the Atkins Induction Phase

with Ardis Campbell

Eating the right things during the Atkins induction phase can be challenging. Watch this About.com information video to learn what's acceptable and what's not during the induction phase.See Transcript

Transcript:What to Eat During the Atkins Induction Phase

Hi, I'm Ardis with about.com and today we are going to talk about what to eat during the Atkins diet induction phase.

What's the Induction Phase of the Atkins Diet?

The first 14 days of starting Atkins is often referred to as the induction period. This is a crucial time where your body learns to start burning fat as opposed to carbohydrates. This period may bring some unpleasant side effects as you start to replace carbohydrates with more protein. These side effects include headache, nausea, fatigue and sore muscles. Here a few tips to overcome these feelings and get great results from this diet.

Tips for Eating During the Atkins Induction Phase

First, you'll want to eat three normal sized meals a day or 4 or 5 smaller meals throughout the day. These meals should include 4 to 6 ounces of protein heavy foods, such as eggs, fish, poultry and cheese. You should start getting your daily intake of carbohydrates from vegetables. Make sure to keep track of the carb count in all the vegetables you eat as 12 to 15 grams of carbs a day should come from veggies.Atkins encourages you to not reduce your fat intake during this phase and advises you take in as many natural fats as you can from sources such as oils; olive, canola, vegetable and grapeseed oils are much preferred.

More Great Tips for Eating During the Atkins Induction Phase

Here's a tip: Try making a fresh salad with low carb veggies such as kale, spinach or endive and adding a tablespoon of your favorite oil.You are not discouraged from indulging your sweet tooth, but try using splenda, sweet n low, or other artificial sweeteners as opposed to sugar and only up to 3 packets a day. A great idea for a low carb dessert is sugar free gelatin.

Things to Remember During the Atkins Induction Phase

Remember to stay hydrated with plenty of water, club soda or tea, and you can even include a cup of broth to ensure you getting the right balance of electrolytes. And that is what to eat during the Atkins Induction Phase.

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