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Video:How to Flip an Egg

with Gina Miller

Take your kitchen skills up a notch when you flip your fried egg right in the pan. See how it's done.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Flip an Egg

Hi I am Gina Miller with About.com. Today I am going to show you how to flip and egg without using any utensils.

Fry the Egg

When making a fried egg, and wanting to use the pan as your spatula, you want to get your egg really crisp on the outer side. So let it cook for about a minute or minute and a half.

Another trick is to make sure the egg is fried very well around the edges before you start moving it around the pan and sliding it closer to the edge where you will do the flip over of the egg.

Position the Egg

As it starts to become a little more well done, you can move it closer to the lip or the edge of the fry pan, and with one motion you will be able to flip it right over.

Flip the Egg

Try to flip it with one quick flick of the wrist. Cook it for another half a minute, and your eggs are ready and flipped without even a utensil.

Egg Flipping Practice

If you are not feeling comfortable flipping an egg on your first try, use a piece of bread. Place it into the pan and then you can move the piece of bread around and get comfortable with maneuvering the skillet.

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