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Video:How to Slice Beets

with Aubrey Franchell

Learn easy techniques to slice, dice, and chop cooked beets.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Slice Beets

Hi, I'm Aubrey with Today I’ll show you different techniques to slice, dice, and chop cooked beets.

Tips for Working With Beets

To begin, cook the beets until they are soft and the outer skin comes off easily. You can find simple directions on Beets can be very messy. Be sure to wash your hands and cutting board immediately after working with beets. Lemon juice will help remove the stain from your hands.

There are a couple techniques for peeling beets. You can use a pairing knife to remove the skin. In order to keep my hands clean, I prefer wrapping the cooked beet in a paper towels and gently rubbing the skin until it comes off.

How to Julienne Beets

Now we will julienne the beets -- or cut them into thin, matchstick slices. This technique is great to use for salads and even some curry recipes. Cut the beet in half so it is easier to work with and doesn't roll around.

Now slice the beet lengthwise downward. Turn on its side, and cut downward into thin strips. They are sticky little guys, if they stick to your knife, simply press them back down with a finger.

How to Cut Beets Into Wedges

Now I will show you how to cut a beet into wedges, this technique work well with salads and stir-fries. Cut the beet in half, place it on its side and now slice it into quarters lengthwise. Then cut those pieces into thinner wedges. You can also cut the wedges in half, this is a great option for salads so all the pieces are bite-sized.

Tips for Slicing and Cubing Beets

To slice a beet, take a cooked and peeled beet, set it on its side and make slices the long way down its side. Be careful because the beet might roll around. Cut the beets as thinly as you like.

To cube a beet, cut it in half and, now dice the beet into small cubes. You can shred cooked or uncooked beets. They both work well as a garnish on salad. Simply peel the beets and use a food processor or a vegetable shredder.

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