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Video:Reading Skills: Tips for Teaching Sight Words

with Craig Selinger

Sight words are a really useful tool that teachers can use to help students learn to read. Here is a video that gives tips for teaching sight words to help with reading skills.See Transcript

Transcript:Reading Skills: Tips for Teaching Sight Words

Hi, I'm Craig Selinger, a certified speech language therapist for Brooklyn Learning, here for I'm going to show you some wonderful activities that will help your child learn sight words.

Use Word Chart for Sight Words

In this exercise, a word chart will help a child learn sight words. There are different types of word charts. We're going to do a writing or spelling word chart to help a child learn sight words. Here's the word boat. I would like you to write the letters b, o, a, t. Good job. Ready? What does ths word say? "The, is here…" These are three sight words that he already knows. And now we're introducing new sight words. And, we're going to add them to the word chart. "The baby is here." That's right, the baby is here. The bear is here. Right, the bear is here. "The apple is here." The apple is here. The boat is here. That's right.

Other Techniques to Teach Sight Words

In this activity, multi-sensory techniques will be used to help a child use sight words, which will help them build a foundation for reading. I am teaching the sight word "is." I'm making this multi-sensory by adding sand paper behind the index card. We're going to say and hear the word "is," and also tactiley touch the letters "is," with the kinesthetic movement "is." Is. Can you do that? "I – S. Is." Another material you can use to aid in learning sight words is play dough. "T – O, to. T – H – E, the. T-H-E, the. O-F, of. O-F, of." After practicing the sight words, it's really good to test to see if the child remembers the sight word. If they get it correct, use a pen or a colored pen to keep track. Make a check on the back of the index card. "Of. The. Said."

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