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Video:What is Snow Mold

with Barry George

Snow mold is a plant fungus that you're going to want to take care of as quickly as possible. This About.com video will give you a brief overview of snow mold.See Transcript

Transcript:What is Snow Mold

This is Barry George with Crabapple Landscape Experts for About.com. Today we want to talk about snow mold.

Identifying Snow Mold

Snow mold is a fungus and there's actually two different types of snow mold: grey, as well as pink. Pink snow mold affects the crown of the plant or the grass, and grey snow mold affects the leaf of the grass.

Snow mold looks like small circular patches that can be anywhere from 3-12 inches and its been known to group together so it can move and mass together. Pink mold is actually distinguished by its pink color. Grey snow mold has a grey or whitish color; it can also be distinguished by some black masses that will actually be on the leaf of the plant.

Causes of Snow Mold

There are a couple different causes. Obviously, snow mold gets its name from snow cover. So, snow mold can grow under snow cover where the ground actually hasn't frozen completely. Snow mold can also gather, and this is for your warm climate people, snow mold can also gather under leaves, so if you haven't raked your leaves up or you've been waiting to rake your leaves, snow mold can actually grow, that whitish pinkish mold, under the actual masses of leaves or piles of leaves that have yet to be raked.

Treating Snow Mold

There are a few preventive chemicals and there's actually treatment chemicals for snow mold, but the best treatment for snow mold is actually applying air to that area. And you can do it a few different ways. Letting that turf dry, keeping it short to allow air circulation, or actually going out and raking it. Snow mold damage is really superficial in the sense that once that snow mold damage area dries, the affected area will actually cease so that infection in the grass will cease and the grass area will actually start to regrow.

So that's how you identify and get rid of snow mold. For more information, visit About.com.

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