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Video:How to Fix a Lawn's Bare Spot

with Christopher Pennington

You can quickly fix the bare spots in your lawn. Watch this video to see how loam soil, seed and moisture will fix a lawn's bare spot.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fix a Lawn's Bare Spot

Hi, my name is Christopher Pennington for and today I’m going to show you how to fix the bare spots on your lawn.

Tools Needed for Lawn Care

For this job you’ll need a hard toothed rake, a fan rake, grass seed, loam soil rich with compost or fertilizer. For larger areas you can use a broadcast spreader if you have one, but if you don’t and you’re working on a small area like this, you can just spread it by hand.

Start by raking the bare spot with the fan rake to remove the dead grass. Set the dead grass to the side. Now, with the hard rake, continue breaking up the soil a few inches down and remove any rock or debris. Add a few inches of a good loam soil to the whole area.

Loam Soil and Seed

Loam soil is the best because it holds the moister while allowing for air a water to pass through it. Spread a generous amount of the seed over the area. Make sure that you cover all of the bare patch. Now very lightly rake the seed into the earth. Using your foot, press down firmly to secure the seed into the soil. Here’s a little trick using that dead grass that you set aside earlier. Place it over the newly seeded patch; this helps to keep in the moisture. Using a light spray, so you don’t wash away the seed, water the area until it’s fully moist.

Moisture is Important

It’s really important to keep the area moist, so make sure that you water it daily for the first couple of weeks and don’t mow it until the grass is two to three inches high. Thanks for watching! For more tips on lawn care, visit us on the web at

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