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Video:How to Care for a Lawn in Spring

with Barry George

Spring lawn care begins in early winter months, so you have to be prepared. This video will teach you how to care for your lawn in spring.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Care for a Lawn in Spring

This is Barry George with Crabapple Landscape Experts for Today we want to talk about caring for your lawn in the spring.

Spring Lawn Care Starts in Winter

So lawn care in the early spring really includes the winter months because what we're doing in the springtime is actually preparing for that nice green up in the summer for our warm season bermuda and also that green up when we're going to get that nice fescue in the springtime.

Kill Weeds for Spring Lawn Care

Knowing that, we're going to go ahead and put on that lawn a pre-emergent which will prevent annual weeds from actually germinating underneath the soil. Also, a post emergent app which is going to take care of those weeds that may have broken through and some of the weeds that are not controlled by the pre-emergent.

Warm and Cool Season Turf

For your warm season turf, we're going to supply a heavy fertilizer and that's really in conjunction with your core aeration. You're probably core aerating at that time so we want to get a nice green up on your lawn ,so we're getting fertilizer into those root systems that have been opened up by the core aeration along with the irrigation and the oxygen as well.

For cool season turf, which is a fescue, fescue grass, you know, this is the main time that fescue is going to be green and we want to give it an extra punch with an additional fertilizer round, which is just going to green it up, which is going to look good.

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